Gambling Laws Around the World Underage Gambling

The Dangers of Youth Gambling Addiction and Problem Gambling

The issue with gambling is often misjudged. Gambling problems are commonly referred to as a gambling addiction. It is being treated as a serious medical problem, just like drugs and alcohol addictions. Kids as young as 10 can develop an addiction just like the elders do. The earlier a person is introduced to gambling, the bigger the chances are to develop an addiction.

Getting introduced to gambling can be a lot easier than you might think. Seeing their parents playing poker for example or betting on sports, can be exclusively bad for kids. Seeing the excitement of winning and frustration from losing, gives them the impression that gambling is just a game, and can lead them in a very wrong direction. People who buy lottery tickets and let their kids scratch them off can teach them how to gamble at a very early age. These are just a small amount of examples, which can introduce little kids to gambling.

High school is the place, where most children develop their gambling habits. Friends at school often place bets or play card games, which include bets, such as poker. Those actions can be made, without the knowledge of their parents and teachers. With all the money their parents give them, they like buying lottery tickets and play new and exciting games with their peers. Influenced by the competitiveness and the urge to win among their friends, their little habit, can grow into an addiction.

For college students, it’s time to show independence. They often live without their parents and have a budget that they have to control. All this freedom gives them the opportunity to search for new activities, and try out things which were restricted before. They think that gambling can be an exciting career path and make some real money. Others gamble to socialize with friends in their dorms or classes.

Underage gambling can be tremendously dangers for the wellbeing of a child. Salesmen are not permitted to sell lottery tickets without checking your ID, but many times they refuse to obey the law and give children opportunities to get addicted to gambling. If an employee is caught allowing underage kids to gamble, they may face some serious consequences.

The government and laws are trying to prevent gambling problems with younglings by forbidding them to participate in gambling activities. As we discussed above, the later a child starts gambling, the less likely it is to develop an addiction. Discussing the problem with gambling, we understand that taking actions against it is mandatory. We all need to increase public awareness to prevent the problem. All venues have to make it clear, that underage gambling is forbidden in their places. Once it all happens, older friends and parents should understand, that placing bets for a child is not helping them in any way.

If your child or friend has a problem with gambling, you can always help and support them. There are a lot of opportunities for treatment. Personal counseling with a professional experienced in helping kids with addictions. They can help kids to understand that gambling is not just something bad, but also extremely dangerous. Self-help groups can be very helpful as well. It encourages people to talk about their problems and addictions, making them understand exactly how bad their vices are.

Kids should be learned, that card games, sports, etc., can be enjoyed without placing bets on them. Teach them how low the chances are to win from gambling. Compare the chances to something extremely rare, like being struck by a lightning for example. This way they may understand the danger of gambling.