Gambling Legislation

Preventing underage gambling

Gambling can be a great temptation for most people. Widely it is considered to be a way to relax after a long day. A lot of people do it with their friends, as it can be a reason to meet up. However, young people and kids, often misunderstand the reason to gamble and start doing it to win money. They can get addicted to gambling which can turn in to great danger.

The number of childer who have gambling addiction is increasing at a very fast rate. Betting regularly can hide great risks among young people. Often the first thing that comes to the mind of a kid when they hear gambling, is winning a lot of money without doing any work. However, gambling is fun and games only when people do it for the thrill.

Often kids who gamble, tend to get lower grades at school. Their main purpose in life becomes winning a small amount of money, which can become a great problem once they step in adulthood. Kids tend to lose a lot of friends and have problems with their parents because of their addiction.

Kids who gamble, most of the times do it with older friends or people they don’t personally know. Those groups of people who bet with children, most times drink alcohol or take drugs. This can lead little kids into doing something extremely dangerous and develop even more addictions.

The dangers are enormous and we as a society should all address the problem and start taking it more seriously. The problem is growing by the day and it’s not in the kids. They find in like a new and exciting experience because a lot of grown-ups are doing it.

Advertisements for gambling are all around us. Watching sports is something everybody does. However, when we do it, many of the advertisements are about placing bets on the results. Watching TV during dinner is a common thing among families. But even during a movie, advertisements are to buy lottery tickets and gamble.

To be fair, dealing with the problem is extremely hard. We should choose what TV programs we watch with our kids. Gambling around them is the biggest mistake a person can do. If a kid sees a parent gambling, he/she wants to try it out too. And seeing the frustration of losing and the joy from winning can be extremely tempting.

Casinos and bookmaker clubs are restricting underage people in their facilities. Having kids around is a bad practice for them because kids often have a very small amount of money to play with and can easily get addicted. Addicted gamblers are a nightmare for bookmakers because they are not having fun and disturb all the other gamblers.

Laws about gambling differ from country to country. However, underage gambling is considered a crime everywhere. If you work in a gas station for example and sell a lottery ticket to an underaged kid, you will be in serious trouble. The fines you will have to pay are enormous and most likely the boss will fire you. In many countries, if you let a child gamble in your casino, the government can even close your casino.

As stated above, underage gambling is a serious problem. Keep it in mind next time you gamble with your friends, and try to learn the others about the risks underaged gambling contains.

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