Gambling Legislation Underage Gambling

How different countries deal with underage gambling

Underage gambling is slowly turning into a bigger and bigger problem. Many kids seem to start to gamble at an earlier age than before. Different counties have different laws for minors who try to gamble. Preventing them from gambling can be a great favor for the future because gambling addiction can be an awful experience.

The younger a person is, the greater the chances of addiction are. When a person gets addicted to gambling, it hides a lot of problems and dangers. Kids often try to make money gambling. They often don’t understand how low the chances are to become a professional gambler.

Kids often forget about the important stuff once they develop an addiction to gambling. They start missing classes and avoid their friends, so they have more time for gambling. This can result in a serious problem, once they grow up and face real life. Stealing money from their parents, so they can gamble with them is a common practice for addicted minors too.

Governments of different countries understand the threat of gambling and prohibit it with various laws. In some countries, gambling is banned for everyone. However, this is not the best way to stop people from gambling. A lot of illegal casinos try to cheat players. Gamblers tend to spend all their money on games and commit crimes out of desperation to gain more and lose again in the casino.

The atmosphere that gambling provides isn’t the ordinary one at home. The non-stop party, liquor, drugs and money are creating a euphoric atmosphere for everyone. People gambling looks like they have the time of their life. However, that is not the case for most people and they tend to regret it the next day.

Places like the United Arab Emirates, Brunei, Cambodia, North Korea and many more have forbidden gambling. They have decided that the risks of gambling are too high to remain legal. The fees for gambling in these countries are enormous. They have strict politics and laws, and people should follow them.

In the USA each state can determine its own laws about gambling. In many states like Minnesota, California, Florida…, everyone over 18 can gamble at free will. However, Las Vegas, for example, have restricted gambling for people under the age of 21.

In Canada, the age required to gamble is 19 except in Quebec, Alberta, and Manitoba, where the restriction is for people under 18. Online casinos are legal in Canada, under regulations.

In Europe, every country has its own laws. In most places, the legal age for gambling is 18, but there are some exceptions. Only tourists can gamble at the age of 18 in Portugal. Their citizens have to be at least 21. People in Greece can gamble once they are at least 23 years old. If you are under 20, gambling in New Zealand will be prohibited for you.

Gambling age varies in the world along with the laws. In many places, you will be thrown out of the casino if caught. You won’t be able to cash out your winnings. You can lose your driving license if you gamble in Vegas for example. The safest way to gamble safely is to wait at least until the legal age in your country.